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Chapter 294 review

 Hello thar, ladies, Lamp here.


Leaving the underground for a while(hopefully for good, through), because this chapter was unforgivable to miss. \o/

Through, this review is a bit out of its usual shape since some parts strung a nerve and got me out of my usual ohsnarksnarksnark shell. (Which is basically a polite was to say that I was making incoherent noises all chapter, and then while rereading it, and then while rereading it the second time, and after that sought refuge in my flaw-goggles wearing nature and ran with it.)

Anyway, review time, babies!



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Tsuna matrix

Chapter 287 Review

Sup, my lovelies! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and it’s been a whiiiile since I’ve posted a chapter review. But, hey, hey, sometimes things happen, so I hope you still remember what it’s all about.


(On a side note, if you want a serious analysis, you can always look at makeste ’s articles <3 )



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text my brain failed me

I bet you didn't see this one coming


Good evening, my fair ladies of Reborn and Durarara!!


Today I have (accidentally) discovered a thing that had my heart missing a couple of beats, and then… I think a tiny part of my brain kinda died right there on the spot.

My attitude towards Shizaya may be mixed, but it’s definitely not negative. Therefore, I’m absolutely terrified to announce that one of the most famous among 8059 fandom doujin circles has picked up the Shizaya flag.


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poken tentacle oops

Looks like I’m on roll this week

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On the other news, GOOD JOB, HAYATO!!!! Good job, G!


The amount of my fangirling when I saw this cover broke all possible limits and reached mew, obnoxious heights.

 How can I not love you, Hayato, when you’re so desperately badass? Even if Amano is fucking with your character as much as she cans and has already trolled the hell out of it and rendered you useless, I still love you to bits.

 Also, judging by his hair, it’s TYL!Dera, right?

And, well, First Storm is bastardly cool. Stupid sexy asshole. And, haha, I kind of expected him to be a redhead.

I assume it’s also a side-pimp for a upcoming First Guardians arc. Considering I’m generally meh about Reborn! anime, I’m ridiculously excited over it. If there will be any First Storm/First Rain hints, I’ll squee like a fourteen years old girl and write a large-ass fic about them.




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